Tim Modise in conversation with Stimela

Tim Modise | 17 Sep 2017 | 39:04

Join Tim Modise as he connects musical icons of the past with emerging sounds of the future, today. All Things Music will take you on an eclectic musical journey, encompassing a wide range of genres from all over the globe. Celebrate life and love, as you...

Tim Modise in conversation with Prof Johann Mouton

Touch HD | 19 Sep 2017 | 8:07

The Department of Higher Education and Training paid R100m to R300m in academic subsidies for articles published in predatory journals for more than a decade, new research shows. Tim Modise chat with Director Centre on Research, Science and evaluation, Pr...

Tim Modise in conversationw with Chris Becker

Touch HD | 19 Sep 2017 | 18:54

On Monday Pick n Pay reiterated that it will not roll out the bitcoin payment platform. The grocery retailer preffers to wait until law makers’ setup a proper regulatory framework that will manage risks associated with crypto currencies. Tim Modise chat...

Tim Modise in conversation with Natasha Mazzone

Touch HD | 19 Sep 2017 | 9:03

Join veteran radio personality Tim Modise, as he creates a platform that inspires, informs and empowers you, through compelling topics and insightful conversations with influential and renowned guests. The Modise Network is your personal passport to conne...

Tim Modise in conversation with Busi Mtabane

Touch HD | 19 Sep 2017 | 8:06

On Tuesday Right to Know (R2K) Gauteng picketed outside four network providers. R2K demand that action must be taken to ensure the cost of data and airtime is affordable to all people of South Africa. Right to Know National Communicator, Busi Mtabane tell...

Tim Modise in conversation with Johann Berger

Touch HD | 19 Sep 2017 | 16:30

Former Hawks boss Berning Ntlemeza has retired. With no more appeals or court law fare options available, the former Hawks head has had his appointment ruled unlawful, and the inevitable appeal dismissed. Senior Researcher Johann Berger talks to Tim Modis...

Tim Modise in conversation with Themba Godi

Touch HD | 19 Sep 2017 | 14:44

KPMG is set to defend itself before Parliament's Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa). Standing Committee on Public Accounts says KPMG's unexplained retraction of its Sars report raises questions about its integrity. Chairperson Themba Godi tells...

#TMW - Court-Side with Courtnae Paul

Arye Kellman and Rorisang Thandekiso | 19 Sep 2017 | 20:06

Entertainment Producer/ B-girl/Choreographer and DJ, Courtnae Paul introduces her new feature chilling Court-Side with Courtnae Paul on The Millennial Watch. A front row seat to the uncensored madness of the #Millination.

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