Toast with Carrie - Marthinus Ferreira

Carrie Adams | 6 Feb 2019 | 14:35

Carrie chats to Marthinus Ferreira about dw-eleven 13. He's the owner & head chef of the incredible restaurant which boasts a fantastic Pairing Menu.

#ThePlayRoom - Achieving a Healthy and Committed Relationship (#WetWednesday)

Touch HD | 6 Feb 2019 | 1:11:19

#ThePlayRoom ???????? | @JadeZwane & @HakeemAndrsn ???????? | Mon-Fri 10-12am Let's talk commitment: What is your idea of a committed relationship? Listen to your favourite sex experts Live @TouchHDOnline #TouchHD #EpicContent #TouchHDLovesYou

Touch Business with Sloo - Behind The Money

Sloo | 5 Feb 2019 | 13:37

Sloo takes you #BehindTheMoney which makes sporting events like the Super Bowl and the FIFA World Cup possible.

Touch Business with Sloo - Tekane Ledimo

Sloo | 5 Feb 2019 | 18:55

Sloo chats to Tekane Ledimo (Co-Founder of Nisa Finance) about an innovative invoice financing platform.

#ThePlayRoom - Rebound Sex - Glory or Sorry (#DirtyTuesdays)

Touch HD | 5 Feb 2019 | 1:01:04

Today our resident sexpert Hakeem is discussing What's Really Behind Rebound Sex. Research reveals why some of us rush to new partners and others don't. #ThePlayRoom ???????? | @HakeemAndrsn ???????? | Mon-Fri 10-12am Welcome to #DirtyTuesday!

The TouchDown - Oba Daniel

Tbo Touch | 4 Feb 2019 | 11:36

We chat to Oba Daniel, founder and CEO of Chat2cars about the improvements and new developments to the app that allows you to contact vehichle owners via their regestration numbers.

The TouchDown - Dr Setumo Mohapi

Tbo Touch | 4 Feb 2019 | 17:38

We're joined by Dr Setumo Mohapi, CEO of SITA who stopped by to talk about about the SITA Youth development programme that is offering over 700 bursaries in various fields of Information and communication technology.

ThePlayRoom - Sex & Zodiac Signs (#SexYouUpMonday)

Touch HD | 4 Feb 2019 | 1:12:58

It's #SexYouUpMonday! Today we discuss The Importance Of Trust In A Relationship. Can your partner's past affect your trust in them? We have @Yaya_Tokota of #TheBreakfastWave in studio with our resident sexperts! She's joined us to chat about trust in r...

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